All go in the hills......

We have had a manic week with all pods full constantly and some lovely guests....  The Hut has had a lot of guests enjoying a cosy, twinkly lights get-together and I feel like I am now just a permanent grass cutting machine (had to be cut nearly three times this week due to rain and sun!) The grass cutting music has ranged from American Pie to Sweet Child of Mine - I'm nothing if not varied!  

Update on Lily Walton (wife of terrier Finn) is that she is sleepy and getting a "milk bar" - could little Finns be on the horizon - I'll keep you updated!

Farmer husband and I had a nice morning going around all the stock.  I feel a bit out of touch with the cattle as I've been so consumed with the pods so it was great to see some cracking calves.  He has a new dog to help now as the old boy is getting on a bit but watching them work together with the sheep was well worth it.  The new dog is so keen and very capable although not so keen on cattle.  

Amazing sunrise this morning although I was envious of the sleeping pods as it was far to early to be up....

Daughter off on a residential outward bound trip with youth club today so I get a "pony break" - sadly will use the time to got to my farm secretarial jobs and catch up on paperwork but will make up for that boring task with a trip to Burghley Horse Trials at the weekend, a bus full of gin and tonic lovers - what could possible go wrong!!

Till next time,


Horses and Helicopters - All in a Days Work!
A married terrier, whatever next........


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Sunday, 14 August 2022

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